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  BELONGS to the Pink Family of plants

  LOOKS LIKE - Has angled stems with white flowers on the longer ones and stalkless leaves. It's a straggly plant often using grasses for support. The petals are divided the whole length of the petal whereas Greater Stitchwort just goes halfway.

  HAS FLOWERS FROM April to June.

  CAN BE SPOTTED - in woods and hedgerows throughout Britain and Ireland. Widespread in Europe but rarer or absent in the extreme North and West. Greater and Lesser Stitchwort often grow together and look very much alike.

  STORY - It was thought that, as the stems snap easily, they must help to heal broken bones.

  NAME - The common name of Greater Stitchwort comes from the belief that the plant eased 'stitches' in the side and other such pains.

  USES FROM THE PAST - Greater Stitchwort and Acorns in wine was thought to ease the stitch, etc. Lesser Stitchwort was thought to have no medicinal properties.


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