An Array Of Rose Bay Willowherb

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  Also known as Fireweed and Blooming Sally.

  BELONGS to the Willowherb Family of plants

  LOOKS LIKE - Tall unbranched stems with leaves in spirals topped with clustered, pink flowers. Grows up to 48 inches (120cm)

  HAS FLOWERS FROM June to September.

  CAN BE SPOTTED - in clearings, on footpaths, river and lake banks and waste ground throughout Britain, most of Europe, Asia and North America.

  STORY - One of the first plants to brighten up London's bomb sites in the second world war and it still grows on waste land. Was an ornamental plant in Victorian times.

  SEED DISPERSAL - In autumn it releases masses of downy billows of seed spread in clouds by the wind. The plant is then is able to grow new shoots from the thick, woody roots creating large, dense areas of this lovely plant.

{#logo}  HOST TO - The Elephant Hawk Moth

  NAME - One of the first plants to grow on ground cleared by fire and has the common name Fireweed.

  USES FROM THE PAST - The native american mixed the young shoots with other greens and made a tobacco substitute from the leaves.


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