Purple Loosestrife

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  Also known as Spiked Loosestrife or Purple Lythrum

  BELONGS to the Loosestrife Family of plants

  LOOKS LIKE - Has unbranched stems with stalkless leaves the upper leaves in pairs. Whorls of six reddish purple flowers top the stems. Flowers may differ from plant to plant. Grows up to 48 inches high (120cm)

  HAS FLOWERS FROM June to August

  CAN BE SPOTTED - in fens, marshes, lake margins and slow flowing rivers throughout Britain, most of Europe, East to Japan and North Africa.

  STORY - Seems to be considered an horrific, invasive species in America which must be eradicated. It is an aggressive invader of wetlands that is a native of Eurasia.

  USES FROM THE PAST - The juice has been used for tanning leather and medicinally, to treat diarrhoea and dysentery.


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