Hedge Woundwort

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  Also knows as Whitespot, Downy Woundwort, Hedge Stachys, White-spot Betony

  BELONGS to the Mint Family of plants

  LOOKS LIKE - An upright, hairy plant with large leaves in opposite pairs and has pink/purple flowers spaced up the stem. Grows to 40 inches (100cm).

  HAS FLOWERS FROM July to August

  CAN BE SPOTTED - in woods, hedges and shady places throughout Britain, most of Europe and much of Asia.

  STORY - Betony was cultivated in physic and monastery gardens. Also planted in churchyards to ward off evil spirits. Said that serpents would fight to the death if put inside a ring of Betony. It was much kinder to animals and toads enjoyed living in it's shade.

  USES FROM THE PAST - Applied as a poultice from the green parts of the plant and since the ancient Greeks, used to treat wounds and stem bleeding. Woundworts and Betony seemed to be regarded as cure alls. An Italian proverb advises anyone unwell to 'Sell your coat and buy Betony'.


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