Herb Robert, Sticky Grass, Beech Leaves

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  HERB ROBERT Also knows as Red Robin, Death come quickly, or (in North America) Robert Geranium.

  BELONGS to the Crane's bill Family of plants

  LOOKS LIKE - Stems branch from the base with fern like leaves and pink flowers. grows up to 20 inches (50cm)

  HAS FLOWERS FROM July to August

  CAN BE SPOTTED - on hedgebanks, rocks and walls and in woods in shady spots throughout Britain, Europe, most of Asia, North America and North Africa.

  STORY - In the middle ages there was a belief that plants with curative properties would reveal it's purpose through it's shape and colour. Herb Robert's stems and leaves turn fiery red in autumn so it followed that it should be used in the treatment of blood disorders.

  SEED DISPERSAL - An oval seed receptacle develops holding 5 seeds and as the seeds dry it opens and ejects them with a sudden spring action.

  NAME - The name 'Robert' could be from the latin 'ruber' meaning red but may be from the name of Robert, an early Duke of Normandy who had a medical treatise written. The leaves give off a strong, disagreeable smell so in some places the plant has been given the name of 'Stinking Bob'.

  USES FROM THE PAST - The leaves were used to staunch the flow of blood.


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