The Milk Churn Stand

There are churn stands all around the country, in fact they appear in many areas where dairying was commonplace during the first half of the twentieth century.
The stands, as you might guess, are roadside platforms built to allow easy loading of milk churns onto trucks, and perhaps initially even onto carts. Until the introduction of stricter regulations in dairying, a churn stand loaded with full or empty churns would have been a common sight along many rural roads. The milk was collected and taken to large dairies, .
Eventually new regulations changed the way milk was transported, and the churn stands went out of use overnight, as tankers were introduced to collect the milk directly from storage tanks in the farm dairy.
The stands are simple structures, rectangular or square in shape and normally stone built. They are quite vulnerable, firstly, because they frequently have no modern use, but also because they are invariably in a roadside position and the stone that they are built from is consequently easy to remove for other building projects. Despite this they tend to blend in quite well and we think that many of them will survive having largely been unnoticed over the last forty years or so. Some will have been reused for entirely different purposes.

The Milk Churn Stand.


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