Thistle Head

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  BELONGS to the Daisy Family of plants

  LOOKS LIKE - Has spiny, wavy leaves but spineless, upright stems topped with spine tipped bracts with pale lilac flowers. Grows up to 60 inches (152cm)

  HAS FLOWERS FROM July to September

  CAN BE SPOTTED - in fields, roadsides, waste places, footpaths, etc throughout Britain, Europe, Asia and North Africa.

  POLLINATION - Most plants of the creeping thistle have only male or female flowers and have a sweet, musky smell which attract lots of butterflies. In midsummer clouds of many types of butterfly can be seen feeding from the flowers and so transferring pollen from one to the other.
This thistle also reproduces with a creeping root system which sends up new plants causing problems for farmers and gardeners as it's hard to get rid of.


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