Wild Thyme Flowers

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  BELONGS to the Mint Family of plants

  LOOKS LIKE - Sprawling, low growing stems with short branches bearing purple, dense flowers.

  HAS FLOWERS FROM May to August.

  CAN BE SPOTTED - in dry grassland  such as heath and dunes and in scrub and on walls throughout Britain and Central europe mainly in the mountains.

  STORY - The delicate, sweet smell made it a favourite flower of fairies apparently and was also associated with love, with ladies embroidery showing bees landing on sprigs of thyme which were passed to suitors.

  POLLINATORS - The nectar is a favourite with bees.

   NAMES - The name comes from the Greek 'thumon' which means 'that which is included in a sacrifice'. Planting on graves sometimes happened.

   USES FROM THE PAST - Dry it and store carefully and the smell and taste lasts for years. Mint, sage and thyme is popular in Britain. Thyme leaves has an aromatic oil, thymol, which has antiseptic and preservative qualities.


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