Photo Editing

                PHOTO EDITING


You do not need to edit your photos. You can simply
1. Find the photos.
2. Upload to the web site.

Image editing software that came with your camera should edit colour, crop, resize and change format. All you need.
You can buy an image editor but good, free editors like "Photoscape" are around if you search a little
Preferably, resize photos but "Walksandstuff" automatically resizes to 1000 x 750 on uploading. This could slow down the uploading a little but what the hell!
The file format may also need changing to jpeg (jpg).

1. Decide where to keep edited photos and create a new folder.
2. Open the image editor and edit such as colour and cropping.
3. To resize your photo find at the top "Edit" or "Image."
4. Click "Resize". A box opens with image size in pixels, cms or inches.
5. Choose pixels.
6. Change width and height to 1000 x 750 or 750 x 1000 depending which way up your photo is. Some programmes will "Batch Process" your files for resizing.
7. Click OK.  

If possible, do all changes before saving, as jpeg format loses quality each time it's saved and make sure you click "Save As" because that creates a copy leaving your original intact.  
1. Go to "File" top left.
2. Click "Save As."
3. Find the folder you created for your edited photos.
4. Put a name in the "File Name" box.
5. Set the "Format" box  to "JPEG"(jpg).
6. Pick the quality (probably standard).
7. Click "OK" or "Save."


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