Sound Editing

                        SOUND EDITING


Anyone recording while walking or at home, is sure to want to cut silences, noises and a lot of the commentary. This is to help first time editors and my best advice is "don't talk too much."

We need to make the file small as a larger file takes longer  to upload to the web site and download in the albums. The MP3 format uses less space and mono instead of stereo.

No Sound Editor? A good free programme is "Audacity." Click the link and download. The site also links to a "LAME MP3 encoder" download page so Audacity can convert to MP3 format. Follow the instructions and it works like magic. Well, it did for me.

It will also convert WAV files (experiment for the smallest size file with best quality) but a converter is needed for WMA. Free wma converter typed in Google will find one.

Many all singing/dancing programmes can be bought.

1. Open your programme.
2. Open your sound file or record your audio using a mic then play it and decide if it needs cutting.
3. Magnify the waveform display to make it easier work on.
4. Photos are set to view for 8 secs so, number of photos x 8 can be length in secs. of the sound file.
5. In Audacity, click the selection tool (top left).
6. Click at the cutting point holding down the left mouse and drag to the starting point.
7. Let go, click the scissor icon and that area is cut.

Undo is at "Edit" so it's safe at this stage.
Many actions are possible so you could play for hours.

8. Editing finished, Click "File."
9. Click "Import to MP3, WAV or WMA ." MP3 format is best.
The Minislideshow will only play mp3
10. Find a folder to put the file in. Put it in your photos folder.
11. Fill in "File Name."
12. Click "Save."



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